What is a domain name

Computers connected to the Internet have unique numerical addresses so that electronic information is delivered to the right place. The domain name system (DNS) translates the numerical addresses of computers into more user-friendly names. The resulting domain names are easier to remember and help people to find information on the Internet. Domain names are used to identify particular web pages. For example, in the web site address "http://www.tznic.or.tz" the domain name is tznic.or.tz Domain names are also used in e-mail addresses that enable people to send and receive electronic messages. For example, info@tznic.or.tz,

10 reasons why every Tanzanians needs a .tz domain name

  • 1 - A .TZ domain name provides Tanzanian identity in cyberspace
  • 2 - .TZ domain names are affordable and readily available
  • 3 - .TZ domain names enables businesses to be available online
  • 4 - .TZ domain name usage facilitates the diminution of internet connect costs
  • 5 - .TZ domain names offer fair market environment
  • 6 - .TZ domain names offer better Search Engine Performance
  • 7 - .TZ domain name dispute resolutions are handled based on Tanzanian business environment
  • 8 - .TZ is a national communication resource just like +255 for telephone
  • 9 - .TZ domain names have inbuilt credibility
  • 10 - .TZ domain names are meant for every Tanzanian

What types of .TZ domain names can you register

  • .co.tz - Only for registered company or business entity as defined under national laws.
  • .or.tz - Only for none profit making organizations.
  • .go.tz - Only for formal Tanzania Governmental entities as recognized through parliament or on production of a letter from relevant Permanent Secretary of the relevant government Ministry where the registrant belongs.
  • .ac.tz - Only for formal tertiary academic or technical institutions with relevant accreditation.
  • .ne.tz - Only for addressing the network of people and hardware.
  • .mil.tz - Exclusively for Tanzania Military entities recognized by the Ministry responsible for Defense;
  • .sc.tz - Only for schools that are elementary, primary and secondary level institutions
  • .me.tz - For personal use, individuals, and family names. Ideal for personal blogs and private email addresses.
  • .hotel.tz - For hotels.
  • .info.tz - The name is derived from information, meant for informational websites.
  • .mobi.tz - For mobile devices that access internet resources via the mobile web, it may also be used by companies that offer mobile services.
  • .tv.tz - The name is derived from television, meant for television service providers.

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